Lynn “Awesome” Wenger is truly a wonderful mind reader, web developer, and business woman!   I am grateful that I ran into Lynn on Google and selected her from other amazing developers that pale in comparison to her unique ability to mind read now that I have experienced her magic!  I felt I gained so much more than a beautiful webpage and online image.  Lynn helped me to frame my business in such well organized manner and shined some light on what I was trying to communicate to my customer base but could not frame myself.  Every step of the way I was blown away by her organization, positivity, and professionalism. If you want to frame your business in a new way and have a great experience in the process then look no further Lynn truly provides awesomeness in everything she does.  Thanks Lynn!

    Amber StubbsWork | Life


    The road to wellbeing is about creating change, discovering what one loves, and gaining more of that in life.

    Our Task

    Work | Life recently relocated from Hawaii to Bend Oregon and needed a new site that would reflect the new start and speak to the Bend community. Amber, the founder of Work | Life, hired us because she needed a website that is easy to update, is visually appealing and responsive so it looks great no matter what device is viewing the site. The site features a blog, an opt-in form, and a book preview. The custom web design reflects the essence of the practice:  relax, release, and design the life you want to live.

    Skills Involved


    • Photoshop for custom graphics
    • HTML, CSS and PHP for custom theme development
    • WordPress administration and customization
    • Marketing strategy coaching
    • Training
    • Project Management (SDLC)