Cathy is a trusted award-winning real estate agent in the Puget Sound who works hard for her clients.

    Our Task

    Custom designed WordPress website that reflects the Puget Sound, will rank well in the search engines and will convert traffic into qualified leads.

    Cathy Wahlin is an award-winning real estate agent in the Puget Sound. Cathy needed to upgrade her website to stand out from the crowd and to convert her traffic in to qualified leads. Her new and improved website is now responsive, so it will rank higher in the search engines and give her users a better experience when browsing properties. The site has an active blog with valuable tips to help buyers, sellers and investors make informed decisions. The style reflects the beautiful landscape, large bodies of water and exciting cityscapes that are unique to the Puget Sound area.

    Skills Involved


    • Photoshop for custom graphics
    • HTML, CSS and PHP for custom theme development
    • WordPress administration and customization
    • Marketing strategy coaching
    • Training
    • Project Management (SDLC)