What do WordPress and Clifford Brown have in common?

Well, I’m not quite sure why the WordPress developers named the most current version of WordPress after the the famous jazz trumpeter, Clifford Brown. My only guess is that his tunes inspired hours of hard work to bring us updated security, 52 bug fixes and enhanced features to make your site more responsive and connected. Read more

Kaizen, the Good Change

Kaizen, Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the best”, refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, and business management.

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Front End Conference in Portland

When The Front-End Design Conference in Portland came up, I had no doubt in my my mind that I had to go and feed my geek/designer soul. I had visions of surrounding myself with like-minded geeky peeps while feeling nostalgic roaming my old stomping grounds in the Pearl District. Walking in to the Amory, I was not let down – not even a little bit. The venue was top notch and the group was the sexiest gaggle of geeks you’ll ever meet; trim, fashionable and smart. Of course I fit in – Ha! Read more