Why Host With WebProdigy?

WebProdigy’s hosting service is built on a blazing-fast managed WordPress hosting platform, optimized to the exacting standards of WordPress pros.

There are no limits on bandwidth or space.

Why waste money and buy hosting services with another provider when it’s already included in all of our WordPress packages?

When you host with WebProdigy, you’ll get direct access to yours truly. I’m your personal account manager and will make sure that the server is primed and ready to host your website. I’ll even administer your domain name for you to make sure it’s pointing to your website.

There very few things I don’t do …

Okay, I don’t do the following, but that frees me up to do what I do best, which is deliver results for you.

Domain Registration
Domains are very cheap and easy to buy. Buy your domain name(s) and set it to auto renew.

Email Hosting
Email hosting is very cheap and easy to get with Google. There are other options too that your IT staff could recommend.

Ecommerce Hosting

Even though I can set up your account and get the ball rolling so you can start making sales online, I don’t host ecommerce websites. I’ll leave the ecommerce hosting to the experts at Shopify.