Lynn has been a valued partner to my business, creating a visually impressive and wholly functional web presence for Seven November. I especially appreciate her ability to understand the vision and objectives we set out, and then to make it all come together, down to the smallest details. The compliments I hear about my site are a true testament to her work!

Susan Pierson-BrownPrincipal

To Whom It May Concern,

My acquaintance with Lynn Wenger began just over a decade ago, as fellow members in a business networking group. Little did I realize at that time, the remarkable person and phenomenal resource I would soon get to know and have the opportunity to work with.

Over the years, I have referred several companies and individuals to WebProdigy (Lynn’s web design company,) all of whom have thanked me for such a positive and value-added experience. The common thread throughout all of their feedback is: Lynn really knows how to communicate and educate.

I can also attest to that.

Lynn’s approachable, business-like demeanor engenders respect and breeds likeability right from the start, and speaks volumes about, not only her situational awareness and people skills, but also her understanding of healthy boundaries and how to best navigate virtually any interaction or environment.

As an educator, Lynn has “the patience of a saint.” I know… I’ve tested it. Along these lines, she conducts here interactions like a human algorithm. Always adjusting approaches and recalibrating actions as a result of consistently considering all available input and predicting responses.

Her ability to convey concepts, provide supporting detailed information and integrate it all seamlessly, with story-driven analogies, is the purview of an exemplary educator.

It’s her own special brand of educational alchemy. Converting seemingly disparate, trite and mundane elements of information into glittering gold results.

There’s a certain excitement that comes from working with Lynn. She makes you feel good about yourself, which in turn inspires learning and doing your best work. All of this sets the stage for accomplishing your goals while persistently and consistently legitimizing the reasons for learning in the first place.

Needless to say, I heartily recommend Lynn as an educator, web expert and an incredibly gifted intuitive educator. I shudder to think where I would be, and what I would be doing, had our paths not crossed so many years ago. Still floundering in the vastness of the World Wide Web, no doubt.

Suffice it to say, Lynn’s expertise is a gift that is meant to be shared.


Wayne Nelson

Wayne NelsonCertified Reflexologist, Financial Consultant

Lynn “Awesome” Wenger is truly a wonderful mind reader, web developer, and business woman!   I am grateful that I ran into Lynn on Google and selected her from other amazing developers that pale in comparison to her unique ability to mind read now that I have experienced her magic!  I felt I gained so much more than a beautiful webpage and online image.  Lynn helped me to frame my business in such well organized manner and shined some light on what I was trying to communicate to my customer base but could not frame myself.  Every step of the way I was blown away by her organization, positivity, and professionalism. If you want to frame your business in a new way and have a great experience in the process then look no further Lynn truly provides awesomeness in everything she does.  Thanks Lynn!

Amber StubbsWork | Life

I have had the pleasure of working as a subcontractor for Lynn Wenger for many years. Starting in 2009, she and I worked closely together on web development projects for her business, WebProdigy.

At the time, I was relatively new to the field and Lynn was extremely helpful in my career development. She was always careful to give me enough information to do the tasks without overwhelming me with details. She was also very patient with me when explaining new concepts and techniques, or when offering corrections.

Lynn has always impressed me with her creative designs and her sharp eyes can catch every little detail. She taught me how to look at a web design critically so that even the smallest minutiae become very important.

Lynn also gave me my initial training in WordPress, which has since become the most popular Content Management System on the web. At the time, WordPress documentation was very technical and not written for a beginner. Lynn provided me with the initial training to install and customize WordPress websites. For that, I am extremely grateful because I now use WordPress for all of my clients’ websites.

In 2012, I was hired to teach Web Development at Portland Community College. Though I haven’t worked with Lynn as much since I am confident that Lynn has the necessary skills and knowledge. She has been creating websites since the 1990’s, has a great eye for design, and is patient, empathic, articulate, energetic and upbeat.

I would highly recommend her. Please feel free to contact me if you need more detailed information.

Will Mahoney-WatsonPCC Instructor, Web Developer

I am fortunate to know Lynn Wenger, not only as a professional but now after many years of working together she is also a friend.  We began our relationship back in 2008 when I needed a website for my business and I’ve retained her services many times over the years.  Lynn is excellent at what she does.  Her knowledge and skill extend beyond her technical expertise.  Her intuition and listening skills combined, allow her to understand her clients’ needs and develop a brand, marketing plan, and strategic launch that catapults her clients’ success.  Really she is amazing.

When you add to all that her bubbly, intelligent, and warm personality, you can’t help but be friends with this gifted woman.  I have found Lynn to be empathetic, encouraging, and always looking out for my best interests.  She has guided me through some difficult times in my business and taught me many things about the workings of business on the internet.

I highly recommend Lynn as a business consultant as well as a business coach.  Her mentoring style is always empowering and allows one to grow.  She takes you by the hand, lifts you to your feet,  teaches you to walk, and then lets go at the right time for you to start running on your own. She has been an integral part of my success and I feel blessed to know her.

Ali DavidsonNLP, CHT

I continue to get new clients from [my site]. Lynn’s design is beautiful and so the page is attractive and the WP [WordPress] features have allowed me to upload lots of rich content that have allowed clients to relate to me and decide I’m the person they want to work with, and also offer them freebies like 21 Days of Joy, guided visualizations, that bring a greater sense of well-being to them.

Jane Hiatt

Working with Lynn at Webprodigy is truly a collaborative experience; she translated my ideas into graphic design that expresses exactly what I wanted, and came up with layout that is easy to navigate yet complex enough to handle all the different modalities I offer. Webprodigy really does make you shine online!

Mollie SheaBlue Skies Healing Arts

Thank you…so very excited about our new site. Can’t tell you enough have happy we all are!!

Lee KellerPresident, CEO of The Keller Group


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