Top 5 Apps That Make Life Easier

In the world of technology, we have access to 1000’s of apps that are meant to make our life easier. Some are a nuisance (eh-hem, Facebook) some are just plain buggy and then some actually do help me perform daily operations with ease. Here is a list of my favorite apps that make my job easier. Enjoy and I would love to hear your experience with these apps and also I’d like to learn what your favorite apps are, too.

Google Apps
Google mail, Google calendar, and Google tasks all sync up to my smart phone and any computer with internet access. Google mail filters out spam and I can easily categorize and archive emails. With Google calendar, appointments are never forgotten. Google tasks is an easy to manage those long to-do lists and gives me the gratification of checking tasks off my list. Cloud storage ensures that my data is backed up and accessible from any computer.

Scheduling an appointment has never been easier. This program is free and interfaces with my Google Calendar. I can schedule appointments with clients within 1 click instead of the usual routine of trying to figure out how to align calendars and availability.

Remembers your passwords so you don’t have to. Add the extension to your favorite browser and then let LassPass do all of the remembering for you.

Add customized signatures to your email with this service that works with most major email clients. I especially like the fact that the signature renders well across most email clients and the icons don’t show up as attached image files.

Stop sending emails and social posts full of typos and grammar mistakes. This free Chrome extension has kept me from sending embarrassing typos and grammar errors.

Do you have a favorite app or resource that you’d like to share?

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  1. Claudia
    Claudia says:

    I couldn’t agree more about Google Apps and Grammarly! To the apps listed, I would add:
    1. – it’s a streamline appointment scheduling tool very similar to Calendly. It integrates with Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook and makes scheduling meetings and calls super easy.
    2. HemmingwayApp – like grammarly but for the style. Whenever I want to write some email or a blog post, I check if it is not too difficult to read.
    3. Tweetdeck to manage multiple twitter accounts
    By the way, when speaking about the typo mistakes: it’s GrammArly, not GrammErly 😉

    • webprodigycom
      webprodigycom says:

      Well, shoot! Thanks, Claudia for catching my typo. Haha! To error is human ;~)

      Thanks for bringing my attention to those other apps. I’ll go check those out.


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