Common Website Mistakes You Shouldn’t Leap Over

Today is a day we normally leap to fix a glitch in our calendar system. But when it comes to your website, there are some things you definitely shouldn’t leap over. Here is a quick checklist to make sure your website is in good working order.

  • Are your Services and Products accurate and up-to-date? Are the prices accurate?
  • Does your About Us page reflect current vision, mission, values and team members?
  • Is your website software up-to-date? If you’re using WordPress, how many versions behind are you? Keep your software updated to avoid security issues.
  • Do you have Google Analytics installed on your site and are you checking your traffic frequently to make sure that your site is helping to acquire and retain business?
  • Have you made it easy for people to contact you with a highly visible phone number and/or email address? Do you have a contact form on your site, making it even easier for people to email you?
  • Do you have an opt-in form on your site? You’ve worked so hard to get that visitor to your site. Do everything you can to maintain that relationship.
  • Are you engaging with your audience? If someone posts a comment on your blog, a mention on a social site, or posts a review, are you proactively engaging with them, too?
  • Is your site easy to read on all mobile devices? Phones are quickly becoming one of the most used devices to search the web.
  • When was the last time you Googled yourself? Are you happy with your search engine position and frequency? I always aim to dominate the first 10 listings for specific website searches (i.e. “WebProdigy” and “Lynn Wenger”) and to be in the top 10 for strategic keyword searches (i.e. “Web Design and Development”).

These are just some of the common tune-up issues I see when auditing websites.

Contact me to review your site to make sure that it’s helping you acquire and retain clients and customers.

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