5 Steps to Update WordPress

I love WordPress for its ease of administration for non-technical clients. But one major downside to WordPress is how simple they seem to make it to update. Most people don’t realize that if you click that “Please update now” link in the admin site, the whole site could be wiped out. Here are a few simple precautions to take BEFORE clicking that button.

How to Update WordPress:

  1. Make a back up of the site! This could be as easy as installing the WP Complete Backup plug in and creating a back up. If you have access to FTP, you may also want to create a copy of the Website files. If you don’t, make sure that your hosting service provides a restore feature.
  2. Before clicking “Please update now”, go to the Plugins page and disable all plugins so they are not affected by the update.  This is an added step that is highly recommended by the WordPress organization.
  3. Now that you have a back up, and the plugins are disabled, go ahead and click “Please update now.”
  4. If there were no errors in the update, return to the plugins and active them.  You can go through and update each plugin individually.
  5. Now that WordPress and the plugins are updated, click through your website and make sure that there are no errors or glitches. If these steps introduced problems, you can go to Settings > WordPress Backup and restore your site to where it was before you did the updates. Or you can contact your hosting service and ask them to restore your site. When glitches or errors come up in the updating process, it’s best to defer this task to a professional. Please contact me and I can help you do this.



So why does WordPress need us to update? 
WordPress is an open source platform that has a large community of developers working hard to maintain the integrity and improving functionality. They will fix bugs, issues and introduce new features and functions. The only way to get these improvements is to click the “Please update now” link in your admin site.

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