Free App for Legal Questions

by Cindy Eastman

Did you know that there is a FREE app you can put on your device called “MyLegalShield”? This app will give you professional, legal answers from attorneys to common legal questions.  Some questions are personal and some are related to your business.  For example, you will see a list of common questions such as:  “If I set up a living trust, do I still need a will?” and “How can I collect money that is owed to me by my customers.”  

Knowledge is power.

Sometimes just simple and accurate legal advice can make all the difference.  Knowledge is power. Traditionally, legal advice was often doled out according to who could afford it, not necessarily who needed it the most.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because, after what I considered to be a painful, tragic event, I realized that I needed to help my clients protect themselves.  For years, I worked in the financial industry and I constantly advised my clients to get their wills done.  They never did – probably for the same reason I never did.  First, I didn’t really know any attorneys that I knew and liked and second, I was afraid of the cost.  I felt like a hypocrite – giving advice that I didn’t follow myself.

I become particularly close to one of my clients who died suddenly in her late 30’s.  She was a single mother and had been nearly obsessed about saving money for her children for their future.  I was her financial advisor.  Because she died without a will, I watched sadly on the sidelines when I saw her small estate get lost in the court system, with family fighting over everything.  In particular, I know her children were sent off to someone she would have never designated to finish raising her children.

That was a wake up moment for me, and came, unfortunately, at a painful price.  I knew there had to be a better way.  Through a series of events, I met a man who was an associate for LegalShield.  When he explained to me what LegalShield had to offer (free will with membership, among other things), I couldn’t sign up fast enough.  The price was right, too, $19.95 for our family.  I’ve had my will updated or reviewed every year since.

Shortly after, I left my career in financial services.  A series of events led to that decision, too.  I believe now that’s I’ve found a better way to help people.  They say you can’t go back – and you can’t – but I wish I could return to those hundreds of clients I had years ago and offered them a simple, inexpensive solution.  The better news is that since then, I’ve probably helped more people now with LegalShield than I ever did before.  Information is powerful.  And, it’s not just for the wealthy anymore.

Cindy is an Independent Associate with Legal Shield. Learn more here.

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