My First Webinar

The day had arrived. I had successfully launched my first webinar campaign. After a print ad, facebook referrals, a landing page with an opt in form, an email campaign, and several facebook follow up posts I had 10 participants.

The time was here. I could see the numbers jump up in the chat bar: 7 … 8 … 9.  The seconds were ticking down on the video embed for the LIVE webinar: 20 … 19 … 18.  I’d been building up to this moment. I’d tested my systems. I’d practiced my presentation. I was ready to make a big impression and bring amazing value to 10 lucky people.

Then, I clicked a button; the wrong button. The webinar counted down: 3 … 2 … video cannot be displayed. OOOOOHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!

Quick, quick Lynn. Think! How can you set up another streaming webinar (Hangouts On Air) right now! Just click the right buttons and don’t panic.

The comments start to show up: “I only see a black screen” … “I can’t hear anything” … and the numbers started to drop: 9 …. 8 …. 7.

Finally, I clicked the right button. My face is on the screen with an awkward minute delay. I quickly grabbed the new video URL, updated the video embed on my web page and after 2 of the longest minutes of my life the live stream was working!

Breath. Smile. Go.

The presentation went pretty well. I had become a master of my topics over the last 2 decades, so I know the subject matter very well. I learned about my audience and what they were looking for and what would resonate with them. And I organized the topics into Seven Secrets that I so cleverly printed out on queue cards for everyone to see.

And then there were the queue cards. They showed up backwards. Yup. Funny thing is, I printed them backwards on purpose after I discovered that the camera on my MAC was reversing the display when I was doing my practice video. But Hangouts On Air’s camera fixes that reversing issue, which of course I didn’t know about until after the webinar. I could only laugh. Especially at watching the impact I was trying to make by holding them right up to the screen. That’s just funny stuff right there!

So, this is the inside view of what happens when diving into the first webinar. Even with practice and technical mastery, it was just kinda weird. But I kinda liked it.  I think I’m going to keep doing this. That is, if I can still keep people coming back.

My plan is to have 100’s of webinars after a couple of years.

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