Lynn Hardy

The Story of WebProdigy

From my perspective

WebProdigy is my first child, born in December of 1997 as an experiment as an inquisitive college student who was immersed in the studies of electronic communications and business at Washington State University and had a newfound taste for web development. I could see endless possibilities for the Web, despite slow loading photos, unreliable dial up connections and my little 640 x 480 display. I was in love. I started dreaming BIG about the potential for businesses on the Internet.

While studying at WSU, I picked up a few gigs as an intern in downtown Portland and helped build the first sites for many well-known brands including Bob’s Red Mill, Kettle Chips, Trane heating and cooling and Kell’s. I was also the primary developer for WSU student services, student government and several professors who needed a clever approach to presenting their courses online. This was around 1998, the golden era of Dot Com, when start-up businesses were popping up all over town, launch parties that took over popular hotspots and were packed shoulder to shoulder with sexy geeks and creatives. I was caught up in the middle of this excitement, like being in a mosh pit of entrepreneurial ecstasy.

By 2000, I had a solid portfolio and a BA degree cum laude from WSU. Within months of graduating, I took a full-time corporate gig working for a global organization in their IT hub surrounded by 250 geeks that covered the gamut of technical talent. Over the next 5 years, I’d work a few side gigs, I’d see Y2K come and go immediately followed by the Dot Bust and I would gratefully accept my regular paycheck recognizing that many of my old colleagues were now hustling for their rent money. My first son arrived in 2000. By 2004 I acquiesced to the fact that working a corporate job 2 hours from home wasn’t conducive to being an involved mom and wife, so I exited my job and entered the life as a full-time mom/independent web designer and developer.

For the next 6 years, I worked developed 100’s of websites, developed strategic relationships, built my team up to 6 people, hired my husband, taught a few classes at Clark College and consulted at Marylhurst University.

In 2008, my husband and I moved to Central Oregon with our 2 young sons seeking out sunshine and snow covered mountains. We maintained our large client base that we worked on building and were prepared to make a big impression in the small community of Bend Oregon. This was when the local economy took a turn for the worst, and so did our marriage. We split our home and our business. The business stayed with me and I retreated my efforts to a manageable level, accepting only a few clients at a time on a referral only basis, hanging on for dear life to this ship that became my sole source of income and offered the flexibility I needed as a newfound single mom of a preschooler and a 4th grader.

Now in 2015, I’m re-launching my business with a newfound spirit, more experience, and a more successful business model than I could have ever imagined as a fresh faced 21 year old in 1997, or as a new mompreneur 2004, or as a newly divorced business owner in 2010. I have experience with large corporate IT departments, small start-ups, established small businesses, non-profits and higher education. I also have over 1000 websites and 2 decades of experience to work from. I bring technical skill, creative talent, and strong body of work, raving fans, and a passion for business to the table each and every time I meet with my clients.

Today, WebProdigy clients have a competitive advantage by drawing upon my years of experience in Web design, development, hosting, and marketing plus the experience and dedication that our team brings to the table for each of our clients.

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