Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Boss

Surrounded by a room full of enthusiastic, unique and authentic women, I entered my first networking event in over 5 years and I had no idea what to expect but I knew I NEEDED to get connected. I’ve been playing too small for too long. This event was the perfect launching pad.

Prior to the event, I finally put aside all excuses and committed 3 16-hour days to designing and developing this new website. I created a fresh new look, new content and a few new whiz-bang web forms that integrated with my shiny new CRM Infusionsoft. After 3 days, I was tired. I was nervous. I was excited. I was finally ready to get out and start shaking hands letting the world know “who I am”.

The perfect launching pad would not have been possible had it not been for the #mastermind group Chicks Connect that was started by my mentor, coach, and friend Jewels Muller. Through her own journey, I’ve learned to stand up, stand out, be confident, be vulnerable, be courageous and to bring forth what I have to offer in a significant and meaningful way.

This is just the beginning. It’s going to take constant and consistent effort but I’m not alone and I’m not starting from scratch. I’m thankful that I have the opportunities and support to help keep me going forward so that I can help other small businesses shine online.


Our Mission is to create a better experience in web design and development by delivering strategic, responsive marketing and e-commerce websites, online marketing and support for entrepreneurs and non-profits who are passionate about connecting, inspiring and engaging with their communities online.

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