You Looked Better on MySpace

As promised, here’s a post about using social for SEO, but after seeing this t-shirt, I just had to change my tone and add a tongue-in-cheek approach in regard to being authentic in the social spheres.

FACT: Your business will receive much more visibility in search results the more you participate in the conversation on social sites. The usual suspects for business marketing are FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and recently Instagram and Pinterest have gained more popularity amongst marketers. But what good is it if you’re not authentically adding to the conversation? Are you just adding to the noise?

Which, in a round about sort of way, leads me to this “You Looked Better on MySpace” phenomenon. It’s a play on the obscure way in which MySpace changed how we socialized on the Web. Although the masses quickly abandoned MySpace, the phenomenon of people creating an illusion of themselves on a platform that is intended to be transparent and authentic is still valid and can be applied both to personal and business socializing.

Now let’s circle back to social for SEO. What good is it if you’re doing social just for SEO? Yes, you might get the numbers, but if you’re not authentically and transparently engaging in the conversation then are you just adding to the noise? Add something original, unique, and of value to the status updates. Give us personality. Make us pause. Give us a reason to come back. Be original. Be personal. Be transparent and authentic. It’s not only about the numbers. It’s also about connecting.

I want to connect more with you. I have a lot of very specific and technical knowledge and how to’s for using social for your business. If you would like a free initial consultation, contact me and let’s see how I can be of service to you.