What comes first? The chicken or the egg?

… a good Project Manager could tell you.

Project Management, just one of the many hats I like to wear. It fits me well. I like to be organized and best of all, I like process flow. This week, I’m reminded how valuable process flow is. I’m working with a minimum of 6 different teams right now and everyone is looking at me to be the expert and to predict what needs to be done, by when, and by whom. Instead of reinventing the wheel for every project, I use my most favorite thing in the world of project management.

The SDLC really is a great framework that gets everyone on the same page and guides us from getting started to wrapping up a new website. And it’s loose enough to allow for the unique requirements that come with each project. Now, those discs might not mean much to anyone else, so I’ve modified it a little bit and this is what everyone gets to see before we get started on a new project when they ask those questions … who does what and by when.

Our Process Flow

  1. Each site will follow a process beginning with a consultation to assess the client’s needs.
  2. I will either create a conceptual design for review and approval or I’ll work with your designer to confirm that the designs are compatible. This is the best time to collect all final text that will go on the site and access to all systems and all 3rd party tools.
  3. The conceptual design will be interpreted into code and presented as a functional prototype. The client will review and approve. A list of design and functional changes may be collected at this time. The revised prototype will undergo another review.
  4. The site will undergo rapid development, which includes testing as the system is developed. Testing is performed across multiple browsers up to 2 versions back for laptops and PCs. Additional testing is provided for mobile-friendly sites.
  5. Once testing is complete, the website will have client-only access for the final review and approval.
  6. Once approved, the site is published.

I know, it’s a little dry and geeky, but when I stick to this approach, I save myself, my team, and my client a ton of time and money.