Do I know SEO? Does howdy doody have wooden … um

I’m looking back at the history of SEO and my how it’s changed over the last decade. When we first started looking at ways to make websites rank well in search engines, I found that the 508 Compliance Rules were very similar to well-crafted on-site SEO rules. Then the game became complicated and there was a certain rhythm to strategic keyword placement. That was fine and dandy until someone decided to go against the grain and discovered that keyword stuffing also worked, so Google slapped everyone on the hand and pulled back any preferential treatment when it came to keywords strategically placed in content. So guess what, we’re back to following the standard rules for on-site SEO, which looks like what we did about a decade ago and looks a lot like 508.  At least some things stay consistent. If you aren’t already familiar, these are the major points for on-site SEO.


Download and Print this handy dandy SEO reference sheet.

Did you happen to see that Social has been added to the list? That is new. I see becoming a standard for successful SEO. Stay tuned and I’ll write my next blog post on how to use Social to get ahead in Google and those other search engines.

p.s. If you’re not sure how to check if your site has been optimized, check your site at HubSpot’s Market Grader.

p.p.s. If you’d rather have me do a quick review of your site, contact me and I’ll see how healthy your site is and how we can improve for better organic search engine placement.