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About Our Hosting.

Faster. More Space. Better Customer Service.

Do you need a faster site? More space? Better support?  Contact me to see
what I can do for you to make this the best website hosting experience you’ll ever have!

Working with Web Prodigy is best described as EASY. No difficulties, no worries.
Marketing Director, Oregon

The Best Website Hosting Experience You’ll Ever Have

You know what it’s like when you call support and you speak to someone who you can’t understand and visa versa. Or there just isn’t a phone number anywhere. And now you have an emergency! Your site is down! You need to talk to someone right now and the only option you have is to submit a support ticket with a 72-hour response time and a canned response that doesn’t fix the problem. I’ve been there! I’ve got most every horror story related to bad hosting you can imagine. I’m committed to providing the best website hosting experience you’ll ever have!

In A Nutshell

  • Fast loading websites
  • Emergency backups
  • Generous space
  • Generous bandwidth
  • Personal Account Manager
  • No long-term contracts
  • 99.99% Uptime


Basic Hosting

$10 per month

    For static (non-database) websites that require fewer server resources and minimal server administration.

WordPress Hosting

$20 per month

    For database driven websites (WordPress) that require more server resources and hands on server administration.


Better Email Hosting … Elsewhere

WebProdigy does not provide email as part of the hosting package. We just host basic and WordPress sites, so we fully commit all of our resources to doing Website Hosting. So what should you do about email for your domain name?

We use the Google Apps service. This service allows you to use your domain name with your email service, AND it is powered by Google’s Gmail service. Google has created one of the world’s best email services on the internet, so we feel very strongly that this is a service every user should use – especially if you’re using email for your business. For additional information, please visit the Google Apps site here.

I can help you get set up.

Contact me if you need help setting your email account in Google Apps set up or updating your domain name to point to the Google mail server.

I can refer you to a great email administrator/desktop support specialist if you need more help migrating old emails, setting your desktop software (i.e. Outook) or setting up your phone.

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