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Lynn R. Wenger, Owner/Operator

I have been an active participant in building the Web since 1997, bringing a big voice to small businesses, organizations and universities throughout the U.S. and internationally. I’ve met some very enthusiastic people and developed some really cool sites.

Today, I am currently contracted as the Web Developer for a mid-sized marketing company in Bend Oregon. Since I started working with them in 2012 and they have incorporated my services as a major part of their marketing plans and service offering, they have increased their clients and client retention. Also, their clients have seen a significant increase in website traffic and sales. What I bring to the table is of value to my clients, their clients, and their clients’ clients.

Connect with Lynn to learn, ask and share on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. I’m also part of an amazing master mind group called Chicks ConnectWhen you’re aligned with like-minded professionals/mothers/volunteers/coaches who support who you really are, then what you really need to happen will just happen in the most unexpected and delightful ways. Come join us!

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